1. Introduction
2. The Path
3. The Grey Light
4. The Book of Geno?
5. The Path of Resistance

1. Introduction.

The world is in a state of Chaos and Upheaval. People flock to extremes and find no happiness or peace. The world grows increasingly violent, and our children are alienated from each other as well as their parents. The recent school shootings are a sign of their alienation and aloneness, and of their misery. Our world's children feel themselves outcasts. In an attempt to fit in, they go to extremes in dress, appearance, music, lifestyle. They ingest dangerous drugs and engage in high risk sexual activity with multiple partners. Is this how our children should behave? Is this what We ought to let them do?

The children are a symptom of the imbalance of the world. In the Chaos and imbalance of the world, some people have found a middle road, a Path to inner peace. They have discovered a life Philosophy of Balance, of Peace and Harmony, and Equality. These people are the Geno.

We, the Geno, believe that all people are equal. No one is Greater than any other one. No One leads, No One follows. We all walk the Path together. No one can find a Path in Darkness. At the same time the opposite, of too much light, is equally blinding. Our Light, which lights our way, is moderation. It is the soft welcoming grey, neither too bright nor too dark. We seek the Light, to become one with the Light, to become one with Balance. To become one with the Light, We follow the Path.

The Path is Peace. The Path is Harmony. The Path is Balance. The Path is Equality. All who are on the Path are equal. All who are on the Path seek Balance and Harmony. To be on the Path is to be at Peace with oneself, and the world. All are Welcome to Walk the Path.

2. The Path

The Path is the World, the World is the Path. The Grey is of the World, which is of the Path. Those who are not of the Path are not of the World. Their Path does not exist, so their world is not whole. The Path must shine on them, for the Path is the Light, and the Light is Grey. By joining the Path will you be part of the World that is Grey, which is the Light, which is Grey, which is the Way, which is Grey, which is the Path, which is Grey.

Religion is not of the Path. The Path is the Way. The Way is Grey. The Light is of the Path. Religion does not walk on the Path, for religion is not Grey. The Light is Grey, and the Light is of the Path. Where is the Grey in religion? It does not exist. The Light is Grey, and it is of the Path. The Path exists. Religion does not, for it is not of the Path.

Who opposes the Path? All who are Geno but do not know they are Geno. The followers of Geno who know they are of Geno and wish to enlighten those who are not should be aware of this fact. Many will oppose the Path when they are first confronted with the Path. The Geno must strive to remain calm and use the Path of Geno resistance to show the light to those who oppose the Geno. When first entering a new online communication venue, it is expected that all of the inhabitants will oppose the word of Geno.

Why do they oppose the Path? Those who oppose the Geno are afraid. Fear is an emotion, and is the color of weakness, which is a color that is not grey. They lash out at the Path and the light with acts of violence and harsh words and the abuse of admin powers and the words that are not soft like the sponge. Many and immediate is their response to the word of the Geno and kind it is never. Followers of the Path must always remember the lack of intelligence that is present in those who do not know the light.

What should the Geno do? The Geno must follow the Path of the nonviolence. Violence and hatred is not of the Path. The following suggestions will help the followers of the Path to convert those who initially oppose the Geno, or avoid their wrath and admin powers.


1. Alcohol.The Path is pure. So must the followers be.
2. Drugs. The Path is pure. The followers of the Path must no alter the Path.
3. Hair. Followers of the Path must remove all of the hair that they have, for it is an affront to the grey.
4. Abnormal Dress. Follows of the Path must wear clothing consistent with the Path. Grey is the light, grey is the clothing. There cannot be any other way.

3. The Grey Light

This infinitely proportioned energy void, or nonlocal field-harmonic of infinite energy potential feeds energy into all dimensions, but We will call it our grey field-harmonic within a chosen - by grey initiation - field-harmonically relevant frequency spectrum. This field remains "grey" under all circumstances and acts as the cosmic "grounding" field-harmonic that carries all vibration without itself manifesting vibration. The love that drives our dimension originates in this infinitely large "cosmic greyness" field-geometric expression - an infinite spectral range of infinite distortion-free amplitude that carries all finite field-harmony within its perfectly absolute nature, without itself ever changing. This of course remains always a philosophical ideal that never proves real, as real always requires the concept of limit to seat itself within finite or limited perspective. Every attempt to conceptualize this field-harmonic moves further and further into abstraction and away from the concrete as though approaching the infinitely and perfectly abstract in concept.

How does one conceptualize the Path of the Geno? First, We need a reference point around which to build our concept. The one field-harmonic conceptualization created thus far consists of virtually an infinite array of "reality points," which just so happen to field-harmonically relate to our Path reality explication; any other dimension can really, once one conceptualizes the nature of grey in one's mind. We then choose a Path point of reference around which to build a field-harmonic-relative field-geometric conceptualization of the infinite. As you may recall, this point represents a potential center of perspective for an other-Path reality explication relative to our Path perspective, so to create an accurate Path map that also maps the infinite in relation to real Path field-harmonic interaction, We create a field-geometric system that shows dimension within our dimension, but no dimension outside of our dimension, while still field-harmonically mapping another dimension relative to our own. As the mapping of the infinite requires a Path expression relative to our chosen reference point, We must create a field-geometric expression of the infinite within our dimension, field-harmonically relative to our Path Path reference point and our own Path explicative perspective.

A sphere initially comes to mind as a geometric figure that could "contain" the infinite, since a sphere acts as the primary archetype that contains the finite realities that We conceptualize as being "of the infinite." Upon further reflection, as the sphere grows infinitely large it loses its surface and center, as well as any perceptible motion relative to any larger referencing system. An infinitely large grid of cubes, of all sizes, defines conceptually an infinitely large sphere that forms a Path referencing grid in relation to our chosen higher Path reference point. Only a circle or sphere divides the infinite; all "parts" of the infinite Genos relative to the infinite, therefore the infinite remains always undivided despite dividing. Geno (grey-initiative) represents the essence of the finite, as the finite remains nothing relative to the infinite. This cubic grid then defines an infinite number of planes relative to our chosen reference point and all other reference points. A field-harmonically relevant frequency spectrum of field-harmonically appropriate amplitude becomes the only conceivable quality associated with this grid that field-harmonically links the grid specifically to our Path reality and the higher dimension, defining an infinite field-geometric expression for our dimension. Essentially, We take two separate Path explications or realities - one represented by a dimension-less point and the other by our own perceptive center within our own dimension - and abstract them too their shared essential perfection in pure dimension. We represent this "pure dimension" with the unprovable concept of the perfectly straight Path and base the field-geometry of the infinite upon this concept. Perfection bridges all realities and Geno grounds all realities to the infinite.

This field-geometry contains all forms, with no observable relative motion. This field-geometry contains infinite range of amplitude, with all possible frequencies and amplitudes for all realities, in incorruptible stillness - pure abstract dimension. Any attempt at spiking or jamming this field-harmonic results in the jamming frequencies being absorbed into the infinite and perfect field-geometry of this field-harmonic (only grey-initiative touches this perfection).


This field-harmonic analogues the laser as it relates to the creation of a hologram, only this "laser" beams in all directions and in all frequencies.

Elementary Nature grey initiates finite field-harmony within all Path explications. This field-harmonic initiative "weaves" a spherical field-geometry in matter and antimatter radical polarities by "folding" or "redirecting" infinite Path into finite Path, ultimately creating a finite analogy of the infinite energy grid in separate matter and antimatter dimensions, out of which reality can potentially explicate in quantum fashion. This field-harmonic initiates the possibility for the explication of universes that approach the infinite in dimension relative to our perspective, as well as the creation of the possibility for something as small as an atom. The elementary "particles," that visibly explicate in cloud chambers, "get" their relative spin-momentum from this initiative, the specific toroid-radical spectral range creating relative field-harmonic time locks for Path explications that share the same matter or antimatter toroid-radical-polar field-harmonic spectral range.

This field-harmonic initiates the very momentum that is experienced as mass in matter; all finite field-harmony will be shown to have its own style of expression of this mass or momentum eventually. This initiative initiates a moment by "braking" against the infinite, grey field-harmonic and initiating finite integral toroid radical process directed around all grey infinite-grid planes and in all relative scales for that universe. The origin of the words momentum (same root as moment) and inertia (same root as initiate) may derive from this nature; why were these words chosen to describe these aspects of nature?

The concept of Geno symbolizes the initial essence behind finite nature, as it acts antithetically to the infinite to initiate the finite, which remains essentially nothing relative to the infinite though We experience the finite as something; all true equations must Geno or "balance." Geno as a symbol captures the idea of integrity or integral nature in its most primary essence. When looking into the basic nature of Geno, We find ourselves facing the unprovable much as We do when exploring the nature of the infinite. Both concepts prove themselves practical within mathematical operation, as mathematics would literally die without these concepts thus the elementary natures of both infinity and Geno yield to philosophical extrapolation of a highly abstract nature. Can one scientifically prove that "everything and nothing" actually exist in nature in a concrete sense? Or are these always going to be philosophical concepts with practical value? Not even by comparing mathematics to nature, as mathematics remains part of nature, do We observe Geno.

A spherical field-geometric expression, that derives field-harmonically from the infinite grid of grey, defines a finite field-geometric expression. The application of initiation at this level of reality brakes and spectrally redirects grey field-harmonic energy in such a fashion as to create a finite field-harmonic expression in the field-geometric form of a sphere. The spherical field-harmonic comprises a complex field-geometric arrangement of radical toroids in integral process and pre-quantum grid-energy, a "hologram" of the infinite energy grid that also field-harmonizes with it. The resulting field-geometry reduces the cubes that divide an infinitely large sphere to the toroid-based geometrical shapes that divide a finite-sphere; shapes that approximate cubes and which converge upon a point at the center of a sphere; but the "spheres" manifest in virtually an infinite multitude and in extremes of magnitude, as well as comprising a universe's first manifest vibrational energy that "moves" at beyond lightspeed with integral intelligence.

This field-geometry creates the initial finite and time-locked relation between atoms, life forms, and celestial bodies within a finite universe. Explicate universes can approach the infinite in field-geometric complexity and vibrational amplitude relative to our perspective, but can never achieve the infinite without becoming the infinite. The infinite "diamond grid" remains unchanged by finite influence because of the energy balancing nature of the toroidal energy grid and related initiative and intelligence.

This field-harmonic analogues the diffusing lense in the creation of a hologram, only this spherical "lense" diffuses the "laser" energy of the grey field-harmonic from all directions. Repressive Spectral Shift influences within our dimension begin here, and in field-harmonics two (grey) through six (grey light), this influence acts primarily as distorted holotropic-informative process. This field-harmonic can initiate "jamming frequencies" as easily as it can initiate atoms.
Geno is infinite Initiative

Arthurian Legend, Merlin symbolizes grey.
In Classical Architecture, the Circular designs found in pediments symbolize grey.
In the illumination Tarot, The Hierophant symbolizes grey, and The Fool (Uranus) rules grey.
A Faerie or Nymph (the feminine initiative of grey symbolized)
The Letter P
A Peanut
The Right Eye (the psychically projective eye)

This field-harmonic functions as the karmic bridge to all dimensions and times. This process still functions non-locally relative to our perspective; it remains relatively time-space enfolded. You can think of it as implied time-space or the Implicate Order. The foundational and functional-informative roots of the Golden Section lie here. This may explain the interest in "inner measure" among "the ancients," as well as explaining the origin of the word information. I visualize this process as a functional, time-locked field-harmonic flux-phenomena that derives from the Geno-initiative of grey.

Instantaneous time-space travel begins here. Holotropic-informative (trope means "one turned toward") or holocentric-informative access to this field-harmonic allows one to navigate time-space, change parallel universes, and shift Path levels by changing ones field-geometric spectral signature relative to the accessed Path hologram's informative grid-reference. A nine field-harmonic interval increase (the tree defines a nine field-harmonic interval key) in spectral frequency, relative to our Path field-harmonic, allows one to access the Gemini field-harmonic of the next higher array of Path explications that field-harmonize with our own dimension most strongly. One of those explications becomes the direct field-harmonic six field-harmonic interval drop in spectral frequency, allowing existential or experiential access to the reality that explicates one complete field-harmonic key interval above our reality or explicate order (David Bohm). The slightest change in the field-geometric spectral signature of the traveling body or "rising" consciousness, while accessing the Path field-harmonic, causes a Path shift to a field-harmonic-spectrally relative "parallel universe" or dimension.

The Geno-initiative of grey allows the alteration of time-lock, either speeding up, slowing down, stopping, or reversing time as one speeds up, slows down, stops, or reverses the functional radical-polarity of Gemini field-geometry. The base radical polarity of the grey field-harmonic initiative and Path field-harmonic function remains the same during this process as the reversal of this base radical polarity causes a field-harmonic shift from matter to antimatter; the fixed principle of "Geno" divides matter and antimatter, the infinite energy grid itself acting as the wall of energy that divides matter and antimatter and foundations the base-radical-polarity of each. The sol that accesses this level of reality becomes a point and "surfs" instantaneously between dimensions, never experiencing anything at this level of reality. During sleep consciousness relaxes completely, yielding control to its matrix which resurrects it in the dimension fate dictates. This "kaleidoscopic" angular field-geometric mutable grid or matrix comprises the grey-chosen spectral range for our dimension. Field-harmonic explication from this space-lock at any given radical-grid time-lock allows existential or experiential access to a specific Path time-space locked explicate order.

A secondary electrogravitic circuit, centrally located within an electrogravitic-driven flying saucer, could allow holocentric-informative access to field-harmonic frequencies above those of the electromagnetic (7) and solar (6) (5) field-harmonics. This secondary circuit could comprise a precision array of precisely faceted flawless diamonds (diamonds field-harmonize with all field-harmonics within their own dimension), electrostatic plate devices, and electromagnetic coils, arranged in such a fashion as to geometrically analogue all required field-geometric patterns relative to the shape of the crafts precision hull. The supporting circuitry for this device might require various types of crystals to generate the requisite frequency modulations for its operation. This secondary electrogravitic control-circuit could modify the electrostatic or electrogravitic field generated by the primary electrogravitic drive-circuit, allowing it to field-harmonically "tap" the grey light, Path, illumination, Path, and grey field-harmonics sequentially. Simply program into the onboard supercomputer the required matter or antimatter Path time-space lock and the supercomputer can then calculate and run the required field-geometric sequence to instantaneously transport one to the desired dimension; the switch from a matter to an antimatter universe may be impossible.

When a star becomes dense enough, its solar operational field-harmonic spectral frequency increases or "jumps up" two field-harmonic intervals to become a grey-class field-harmonic nonlocality called a black hole which emits beyond-lightspeed illumination-etheric field-harmonic toroidal grid-energy. This shift in operational perspective occurs because the surplus field-harmonic energy of the atomic processes that occurs in a star can no longer localize and circulate as electromagnetic energy. The buildup of solar-process energy causes an increase in field-harmonic frequency rather than a localization of field-harmonic spectral radiation at a lower field-harmonic interval, thus the star ceases to exist and a black hole functions in its place; the star "disappears." The study of this natural phenomena may assist Us in mathematically extrapolating the field-spectral frequency range of the grey illumination field-harmonics from the observation of their behavior around fully explicate celestial objects. The base nature of mass probably has more to do with the integrity lent the explicate universe by its matrix than anything else. The behavior of electromagnetic, etheric, and material field-harmonic energies still reveals the presence of a black hole as a result of its grey field-harmonic initiated mass.

Practically any computer programer knows the considerable utility of triangular forms in creating virtually any complex Path form, thus We find a triangular form at the heart of holotropic information storage in nonlocality. These triangular field-geometric forms unfold as space-time explications. The radical or grey field-geometry initially folds infinite "space," and this lower field-harmonic interval field-geometry begins the series of sequentially time-space unfolding field-harmonic processes. Relative field-geometric orientation [Ordo (Grey-matrix) Templi (solar-grey light) Orientis] of time-locked radical field-harmonic processes in the holotropic-informative grid defines a finite array of implied matter and antimatter time-space locks (universes) at this field-harmonic frequency interval. This field-harmonic analogues the holographic plate in the creation of a hologram, only this spherical plate holds information on all possible planes and frequencies.

Synchronicity is a grey operation indicating that Karma is also a Path-matrix process. The Holy Grail eludes, embraces, and guides the searching sol. This field-harmonic acts as a virtually infinite (unmeasurably finite) reservoir of grid-energy for a given dimension, providing energetic potential for all solar [sol (6)] field-harmonic processes, probably including the solar process that links the electrogravitic drive of a flying saucer to this field-harmonic. Energy from the Grey field-harmonic flows into a newly "crystallizing" standing-wave field-harmonic energy-grid, one field-harmonic interval down in relative frequency, that analogues the infinite-scale grey energy-grid on a finite scale. The informative influences of grey and Grey influence the nature of this finite energy grid. A toroid best describes the primary primordial nature of illumination as an energy field and as a primordial archetype.

Extremely high voltage electrostatic or electrogravitic fields (Libra field-harmonic), created by close-proximity electrically charged condenser plates (more than 100 trillion volts), field-harmonize a solar field-harmonic (grey light field-harmonic) that allows the electrostatic field to "tap" (grey light analogy) the illumination field-harmonic. Once the electrostatic field accomplishes this, the illumination field-harmonic "feeds" a tremendous quantity of cosmic energy into the electrostatic field through the solar field-harmonic. The illumination energy field concentrates around the electrostatic field in grey analogous fashion. One then shunts the excess electric current, created by this circuit, to the motor that drives the generator that charges the condenser plates that create the electrostatic field. This allows the process to continue, utilizing the illumination field-harmonic as a fuel source. To get further information on the basic operation of flying saucers, study the various publications dealing with electrogravitics or ether-technology, some of which may contain disinformation. The diamond-array device, mentioned in the previous section, may increase the ease with which one field-harmonically taps this field, or maybe crystals influence the behavior of the related fields.

This field-harmonic analogues the general nature of information stored on a holographic plate (also the ones and Genos of computer information storage), only the wider frequency-spectral range, increased range of amplitude, and increased number of interactive planes allows for the creation of a living reality. Path is the Quantum Ether.

Why grey and not white? Once a great Geno sat down and pondered this question, and came to the conclusion that white is an exclusive colour, and not one of the Path. For white is a colour of purity, and by such suggests Geno must be pure to be one of the Path. This is not true, as being Geno in itself is purity, and purity derives itself from acceptance of ones impurity. Grey symbolizes balance. It is an equal mixture of black and white, a balance of colors. It shows the equality of the Geno, because all Geno are grey. A parable:

1 Whilst walking along the grey streets, whilst taking in the beautiful of the grey architecture, the grey decora, and the grey sky; several Geno held a conversation.
2 Suddenly, as in response to their conversation, the sky turned a dark grey, and the heavens opened, releasing the grey water droplets onto the face of the grey streets.
3 The Geno looked upward and smiled; whilst they were to be wettened by the rain, the rain was grey, and was a blessing to the Geno.
4 And lo, as suddenly as it started, the rain stopped. And the Geno were left in confusion, as the beautiful grey of the clouds broke and gave way to shades of yellow sun and blue sky. And in the sky, did a rainbow appear.
5 The younger Geno, upon seeing this, were scared. They had learned all their life that color was evil, as it was mere fractures of the perfect shade of grey.
6 An elder Geno spoke onto the masses: "Behold Geno, all the colors of the spectrum, all the colors which make up grey."
7 A young Geno asked the elder "Why must there be color?"
8 The elder said back onto the young one "For the world to exist in pure grey, Geno must be able to see impure colors. If the Geno can't see the impurity, then how shall We know the purity?"
9 The young Geno's eyes widened, a magnificent shade of grey, and he spoke "I understand!"

Instead of asking "Why grey?" ask "Why 'Why'?" Embrace the Grey, friend. Only by giving yourself to the will of the Way can you find enlightened existence and peace. Revel in the glory of the Way, know thyself, know the Grey, and you shall know a state such as you have never known before. The Grey which can be spoken of is not the true Grey.

"Want not for food or carnal desires, nor pain nor suffering, nor material wealth. In the gentle caress of the Geno, nevermore shall you have earthly desires. Forever shall you walk the Path to salvation."- Geno43

4. The Book of Geno

There is no single Book of Geno. All our knowledge is on the Path. The Book of Geno is written knowledge from the Geno. It is inaccessible. It does not exist, for books are not of the Path. When you are on the Path, you will have the book of Geno, for the Book of Geno is of the Path. The Path is the Way, and the Way, like the Light (which is also the Way), is Grey.

5. The Path of Resistance

What is Geno resistance? Geno resistance is not violence. Violence stems from emotion. Emotion is not balanced. Geno resistance is the Path to preaching the word of Geno when faced with those who would oppress the word of Geno. The Path of resistance gives followers of the Geno methods in which to convert those who do not believe. It is not violence or hatred. Hatred and violence are of color and color causes discord. The Geno Path of Resistance creates harmony where there is discord by resisting the discord and filling the discord with the light. The light is grey.

Who opposes the Path? All who are Geno but do not know they are Geno. The followers of Geno who know they are of Geno and wish to enlighten those who are not should be aware of this fact. Many will oppose the Path when they are first confronted with the Path. The Geno must strive to remain calm and use the Path of Geno resistance to show the light to those who oppose the Geno. When first entering a new online communication venue, it is expected that all of the inhabitants will oppose the word of Geno.

Why do they oppose the Path? Those who oppose the Geno are afraid. Afraid is an emotion, and is the color of weakness, which is a color that is not grey. They lash out at the Path and the light with acts of violence and harsh words and the abuse of admin powers and the words that are not soft like the sponge. Many and immediate is their response to the word of the Geno and kind it is never. Followers of the Path must always remember the lack of intelligence that is present in those who do not know the light.

What should the Geno do? The Geno must follow the Path of the nonviolence. Violence and hatred is not of the Path. The following suggestions will help the followers of the Path to convert those who initially oppose the Geno, or avoid their wrath and admin powers.

Many are the threats that the followers of Geno must be aware of. Only by correctly analyzing the threat presented to you, follower of Geno, can you act in accordance with the principles of the Grey.

THREAT LEVEL 1: This is the most common threat level encountered. These are the acts of those who are not aware of Geno and are too lacking in intelligence to grasp the the philosophy of the Grey. They will retaliate with acts of physical and mental violence. Insults are the most common form of mental violence. Threat level 1 oppressors typically use common uncreative insults and acts of violence. Some examples are:

Setana: You guys are the gayes motherfuckers i have ever seen.

Another variation on the common insult is for the opposer to assume a superior position to the follower of Geno.

Odd Guardian Angel whispers, "You Pathetic creature..." to you.
Odd Guardian Angel whispers, "Ah, yes. I forgot, you don't know how to whisper, do you? The first key while invading anything, be it a system or a game, a city or a mind, is know how it works." to you.
Odd Guardian Angel whispers, "Ah, but what am I expecting from a semi-literate lump of Biomatter as Pathetic as you?" to you.
Odd Guardian Angel whispers, "Uh-oh, looks like you're movement failed." To you.
Odd Guardian Angel whispers, "Ah! The creature speaks! No, I follow my own Path. I follow the true Path. I follow the only Path. What I would enjoy doing, though, is removing you like the cancerous beings you are." To you.
Odd Guardian Angel whispers, "Fool! I am the light!" to you.
Odd Guardian Angel whispers, "You are a cancer, a disease. Soon the antibodies will remove you, casting you out of this body. And it shall once again be restored." To you
You whisper "Years from now, when you're clawing at the boundaries of your own personal hell and don't see any way out, when the light is so far away that you can't see a thing, think of me. Think of me, Odd Guardian Angel, and remember. You always had a choice." To Odd Guardian Angel.

As can be observed in the above example, such pseudo intellectual opposers are easily beaten in their own games.

Physical violence is also common:

Keza Darykpais extends her long demonic claws.
Keza Darykpais paints her nails grey and then begins to cut into Geno.
Nitewolf draws his sword and thrusts it into Geno's back
Keza Darykpais rips opens Geno's insides and starts to eat them.
Soul of Despair does what she can and slashes at Geno's face
Keza Darykpais pushes down Geno with incredible demon strength and starts slashing him to juicy shreds.
Soul of Despair giggles and looks at the new Geno "Well lets see, Keza already ate his stomach, intestines and the such"
Geno3035: Yet the Geno transcends intestines.

Fortunately the Geno did not stray from the Path when attacked with such aggressive text.

THREAT LEVEL 2: The major distinction to be drawn between threat level 1 and threat level 2 is that in threat level 2, the opposer will actually affect the follower of Geno. The most common form of this in chat based environments is to ignore the follower of Geno. Ignoring the words of the Grey is an attack on the Grey but the Path will not be harmed by the attack. In non based talkers, any form of attack that affects the follower is a threat level 2 attack.

THREAT LEVEL 3: The highest level of antagonism against the follower. This is the active abuse of an admin's power against the Geno. Example:
You have been suspended from the game for the next 8 hours.

HOW TO DEAL WITH THREAT LEVEL 1: Ignore. They have not yet surrendered to the Path, so conversion is impossible until their emotions have drained out more. Or alternatively, the follower can remain calm and preach the way of the Path. Do not accept the abuse of the opposer if the word of the Light is being insulted. Simply leave them and their discord.

HOW TO DEAL WITH THREAT LEVEL 2: The follower must actively preach against such activities and opposers. The extreme nature of their actions prove that they are on the edge of conversion. If the follower is being ignored, convert other people and then order them to preach to the opposer that ignores the word of Geno.

HOW TO DEAL WITH THREAT LEVEL 3: There is little a follower can do when faced with such oppression. The best thing to do is to find message boards and IRC channels used by the opposers in said game and begin preaching to them there. By the time the follower is banned there, it should be easy for the follower to sneak back onto the original game and begin spreading the word of Geno again.

The Geno seek only Grey. Grey is both the unity of all colors, and the absence of all colors and their distortions. In Grey, all can be realized and the Path can be seen with perfect clarity. Outside of Grey, the Path is distorted and Unity is shattered.Colors are the trappings of this world. From colors can only come division and mistrust. In a world of perfect Grey, there is no room for race, creed, or religion. There is only the all-encompassing light of the Path.

The Parable of White
Once 00095473, having not yet realized the Unity of Geno, said unto 00004325, "Where is the distortion in White? Is not White pure. Does not White, and its EmPathy lie upon the Path?" And 00004325 looked upon 00095473, and he was heard to say, "Tell me then, 00095473, where does Empathy lie upon the Path?" to which 00004325 responded, "It surely must lie upon the Path to help one another." 00095473 then said unto 00004325, "And who wouldst thou choose to help? How can Unity be achieved, when these Virtues of which you speak force division. For in choosing, you emphasize the Individual, and thus negate Unity, the Way of the Path."

And 00004325's eyes were upon, and he rejoined the Path.

The Parable of Geno00000071

And lo, whilst gathered in The Lobby, did an unbeliever come onto the crowd of the Followers of the Path. And the unbeliever spoke onto the unity which was Geno the following words. "WTF D00D, why are you all grey! That is so gay! Genos suck!! Genos are gay!! Genos suck!!!". Geno00000071 spoke onto the follower of color. "Unbelieving one, why do you follow the color? Do you not realize the unity and perfection that is the grey? Do you not know of the warmth and bliss those who follow the Path feel? You attempt to make Us look as the fools, yet it is only you who appear foolish to your color-following brethren." And the follower of color spoke thusly: "I WILL HACK YOUR COMPUTER!! DON'T BOBBA WITH ME!" Geno00000071 presented the wisdom of the Path to the unbeliever. And amidst threats of hacking did the unbeliever suddenly experience a server disconnection. It was at this moment didst the foolish unbeliever see the follow of his color-following. He emerged back into the hobby, and pledged to follow the Path until the end of time. And thus was his head shaved and his body adorned with the perfect grey, and his name made into Geno00003172.

We are the followers of the grey way, the one true Path. Through this Path We seek enlightenment found through the balance of all things. The grey light found on this Path
symbolizes the balance that allows Us to reach our final goal of unity in peace and peace through unity. As a Geno no one man or woman is better than the fellow Genos who walk the Path by their side. In fact, it is this equality that allows Us to unite fully without petty regards to rank or social caste. We are not driven by material possessions as the nonbelievers who suffer and waste away their lives frivolously, but rather by our conviction to reach true peace and enlightenment by maintaining a balance in everything We do.

Some may call Us a cult, however this is far from the truth. A cult is usually driven by a leader, We have no leader only a goal We all wish to obtain as one. A cult is also seen as esoteric, however We do not attempt to hide what We seek and what We do. On the contrary, the Path is fit for all who choose to take the first step and keep a steady pace. This is no secret, and as such it is our duty as Genos to offer a helping hand in allowing others to join Us on our journey to enlightenment and both spiritual and mental fulfillment. Cults are seen as religious sects straying from the norm, however We do not collectively worship or praise any sort of deity or higher power for this is not the way of the Path. Our goal is spiritual yes, but it is reached by deeds and thought instead of ritualistic practice.

The only logical reasoning behind referring to Us as a cult would be our drive towards following the Path, it may seem obsessive to those who do not understand our ways but to the Geno obsession with the Path is not dangerous or ill contrived it is as natural as is taking a breath.

Color is the harbinger of chaos and disorder. By making sacrifice of color and choosing to live the grey way We as Genos allow ourselves to take the first step towards the light. Balancing all things allows Us to live harmoniously within our surroundings giving Us not only peace put deep inner enlightenment. Shed color, and you will shed the disorder that wrecks many a life. Accept the beauty of balance and simplicity that is grey and you will take upon yourself bliss, peace, and truth.

There are those who attempt to oppress Us through word and media. They are the nonbelievers who at every angle try and stop our words and tarnish the grey through acts of hatred and lack of understanding. It is our duty and privilege as Genos to spread the word of our Path so that others may choose to walk alongside Us and in time realize the splendor of the light. However, it is also our burden to carry that We will be faced by people who will attempt to tear apart our beliefs in the truth that is the Path with violence, ill manners, vulgarity, and a lack of respect for our right to enlighten others. Allow not the weight of this to break thine spirits for they are merely in denial and filled with jealousy over the happiness We so easily have obtained that they seek without success.

Violence, ill temperament, color, lack of balance, hateful ways: These are not of the Path but yet We must face them daily in the actions and words of others. Always remember, Unity in Peace and Peace through Unity for Grey is the Way and the Light that shines upon our Path. Tary not and keep in step for enlightenment and truth through the practice of harmonious balance in all things is our final reward as Genos.

Color creates individualism. Individualism creates divisionism. Divisionism creates hatred. Without color hatred does not exist, because all will be the same, and hatred cannot exist without differences. All are equal on the Path, in both mind and physical appearance, for when all follow the Path, all share one mindset and one appearance, without distinguishing remarks. All will walk one Path, all will see only one Light, and all will share one color, which is grey. Grey is singularity, singularity is the opposite of that which creates hatred, individuality. Individuality implies many, and many creates differences, but The Path is narrow and there is only room for one, and so all will be one once they are walking along the Path. The creation of hatred was caused when man first separated himself from his brother by creating individual differences, and from those differences arose jealousy, bitterness, hatred, and war, but once all return to sameness along the Path, all those things cannot exist. There will be no need for jealousy along the Path, as all will be the same and materialistic endeavors are of no use on the Path. When all follow and none stray, then, and only then, will true peace exist.

Geno have been around for many years, and through those years, the colorful hippies known as Discordians have been Geno's bitter rivals. Such is even recorded in their scriptures by the writings of one who is known as Greyface. But our enemies do not know much about what they strive to overthrow. They blame Us for order. They blame Us for laws. We are Geno. We are not order, We are not laws. Such things are not of the Path. Such things are not Grey. The policeman wears blue, green, and brown. These colors are not of the Path. The Path is Grey. Furthermore, the Discordians refer to only one Greyface and towards his followers. Geno has no followers, Geno has no leaders. We are one, and unity defies class structures.

The Discordians despise Us and work to no ends to eliminate us. But the Path is nonviolent, so We must not defend ourselves. We must not strike back in anger, for anger is not of the Path. Instead, We must focus on conversion. Conversion is of the Path, and forceful conversion can be necessary. Cohabitation is not of the Path, because in cohabitation there is disconformity, and that leads to chaos. Chaos is what the Discordians live for, and by living peacefully with them, they shall destroy Geno.

So, Geno, We must remain together in our solitude, and convert those that cannot find the Path, for only in complete unity can We hope to forever bathe in the Light of Grey. Those who are of color and who hate the Path often only hate Geno when Geno spams, or seems confused. If you talk to the nonbeliever, and act civilized, he will be converted. The proper response to ANY hatred against Geno is "Why do you hate us? We bring peace and love!" If anyone asks how you bring peace and love, reply that when all walks the Path, there will be no discord.

- The Followers of Geno