Are you lost? Confused? Do you see the world as nothing more than a dog-eat-dog one, where humans do nothing but engage in petty squabbles over mere differences? Are you afraid that our seemingly innate self-destructive behaviour will eventually result in our self-destruction? Do you feel the freedom of the human race is the most important right that we all must share if we are to be united as one?

The Path is for you. The Path, which is the Light, seeks the peaceful balance of the human species. As travellers on the Path, we are the Followers of Geno. As Followers of Geno, we are One. As One, we are of the Way, we are of the Light, and we are of the Grey.

Humans are not natural born enemies of themselves, as one such as yourself may believe after scanning the battlefields of this small orb we call home. But if you look past all the disorder, past all the stife and war and divisions we ourself create and realize the source is all good, you must embrace it to save yourself - and humanity. The Path is the way to save yourself. The Path seeks balance and equality amongst humans.

What entirely do we stand for? You can find out in Who We Are. What is our history? You can discover it in The History of Geno. We are a spiritual organization, and we provide many services. Explore and discover them. Geno are great philosophers, for the Path enlightens us all. Read our literature for examples. We also have a multimedia library for all of our multimedia needs. We inhabit many planes of Internet existence, as proven in our worlds section. Do you wish to contact us? You may, through our contact page.

You must remember that you did not stumble onto us by mere chance. The Path, which guides us all, guided you here, for you of open mind and heart, and have questions that the Path knows it can answer. You strive to know, the Path strives to teach. The Path is the Way; The Way is the Light; The Light is Grey.

- The Followers of Geno